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Is Windows 8 better than Windows 7

I am Piyush Kulkarni, a citizen of India. I am a student and i study in Class 9. Today, i read in today's newspaper that Windows 8 Pro is being launched. My friends told me that Windows 8 is worse than Windows 7. Is this true?
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    Not necessarily worse... just different.
    While Windows 8 will use the same basic kernel as Windows 7, it will be receiving Many Useful Updates.

    The perception of Windows 8 being 'worse' is all down to the new user interface.
    While Windows 7's interface is the same familiar interface we have known since Windows 95, Windows 8 is introducing the Metro Interface as the standard interface.
    At the same time, they are removing several features from the classic desktop environment, notably the Start Menu and Aero interface.

    Most who have tried Windows 8 complain that, while the new Metro interface is great for tablets, it is not as well optimized for classical desktop users.
    I have unfortunately not yet tried the Windows 8 RC and am therefor unable to offer any personal incite into how the OS handles.
    I would however expect that, after a short acclimation period, the Metro interface is just as usable as a pure classical desktop.
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  3. Sounds like another student that isn't doing his own research.
  4. Windows 8 does have some major improvements over windows 7. It's faster in ways that you will notice from the first boot.
  5. I've had windows 8 pre release version for two months now, and today I went back to windows 7. Why?
    well this is because there was no difference in speed (however I do have a powerful PC)
    And I don't think the new interface works on a desktop pc. On a laptop with touch screen techs then it may be great but not a desktop. Also, it has things missing like dvd playback although I have been informed you will be able to get this, but you have to pay extra for it, and this is what worried me. Like an iphone, you get it with nothing on,then you BUY the apps to get what you want. and that's just it, every time you want something you have to pay for it, were as with the older versions you had it all. Just my view!
  6. My opinion, the Windows 7 is better for a computer due to its many components that benefit a computer while on the other hand, Windows 8 is better on a tablet than a computer. I think it kind of looks like an xbox title screen thing I once saw at a friend's house.
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