Advice on router for access-cascading uverse signal

I have a wired "network." really just Internet connection in my home. In the basement, I have a 2wire d380 modem connected to a Linksys BEFRS81 v. 3 ethernet Cable/DSL router/8-port switch. Cat 5 cables are attached to the router, then run throughout the house so we are "networked" to the DSL modem and use a patch cord from laptop or desktop into the wall to get to the Internet.

Where I have an issue is that the wireless will not reach my third floor or my front porch.

Can anyone provide guidance on a router to connect to boost the signal and instructions on how to set this up?? Most of what I have read about signal boosters is not positive. Thanks.
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  1. Thanks. Would appreciate any recommendations on the most compatible to the Befrs81 linksys router.
  2. there should not be any compatibility issue with any router on an AP setup since the AP basically acts like a switch with wireless capability.
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