Streaming video from Win 7 to Xbox 360 - Pixelation/Lag

Hi, I have been trying to stream videos from my PC to my Xbox 360 via the Windows Media Center app. I've got it all set up, my PC detects the 360 just fine and vice-versa. However, when I go into the app on the 360 and select the video to play, it plays it extremely pixelated. Usually it just freezes up on an extremely pixelated frame while the sound of the video continues on as normal. I've tried MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc. all at multiple resolutions all with the same result.

I can stream just fine via HBO, Netflix, Amazon, etc. so I don't think it is my network or internet speed. I've tried putting the 360 on a static IP, I've gone through all the FAQ from Microsoft about enabling Windows Services and the like, none of which has made a difference.

I am able to stream to my PS3 just fine, so I am not sure what is going on with the 360.
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  1. This is a bit of a guess, but if anytime you're using TWO wireless connections to support streaming (e.g., both your PC and the XBOX are connected over wireless to the same wireless router), that cuts your effective bandwidth in HALF compared to a situation where only ONE is wireless and the other is wired. That's because only two wireless stations can be communicating at any given time over the wireless freq. All other stations must wait. IOW, it's serialized. But wire doesn't work this way. Wired connections can run concurrently.

    It's just something to be aware of and what sometimes catches ppl by surprise when they attempt to share content locally using only wireless.
  2. Well the PC I am trying to stream from is wired to the router.
  3. I think I found out that the problem most likely lies in the Windows Media Center application. Whether the fault is on the 360 or the PC, I am not sure. But the WMC screen on the 360 is quite laggy, taking up to a few seconds to respond.

    I found that if instead of going to WMC but went straight to the Xbox 360 Video Streaming app and finding the video file that way, it would play them just fine. However it would not play .mkv, only .avi and for some of them it said a Codec was missing or something. But still, for some .avi files it would play them 100% smooth whereas in WMC it would hardly play them at all.
  4. Okay - so the problem is the extender - check your firewall and make sure WMC is in the allowed programs- Also I would suggest you delete your current set up and re connect again to rule out any problems first time- What I find works great with WMC is media browser and if all else fails - get a converter and play through system video player.
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