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Ok I movede some furniture today and after hooking my Westell 7500 back up I cannot connect from any of my wireless devices. I Have connection on my wired connection comming from the modem but cannot connect wirelessly. I have several gifts that are gona require wireless connection I hope I havent jinxed christmas.
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  1. im sry to here that but are you sure you have everything connected properly?? if you do then do go to start button on your main cp and type in cmd, it will pull up cmd.exe click on that. it should pop up a black screen now type in ipconfig this willl bring up a lot of stuff scroll up until you see default gateway. now default gateway should say something like type w/e yours says into your internet explorer it will bring up your routers main page will work with no internet. it might ask you for password or account or both. your default password is blank so type nothing in there and your default account is admin so sign in then look to the side you will see reset router click on that and your router will reset itself several times after that it will work :) if it dont then u need to set it up by clicking on lan setup on the main routers page and follow instructions on screen hope you have a good christmas :)
  2. You need to power cycle the modem and the router and your computers.
    What that means is to turn everything off and then starting with the modem plug it in and turn it on , let all the lights lock in the on position and then plug in the router and do the same let the lights lock and also look at the modem and make sure that the activity light is blinking. Then turn on your computers.
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