Hard Drive never sleeps... Why???


I have a ZOTAC ION-ITX-FE (Dual-Core Atom Processor Board w/NVidia GPU) configured with a 60Gb SSD and a 2Tb Samsung HD204UI hard drive running (clean install) Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. with software:

Zonealarm Internet Security 2012
Malware Bytes Pro
Mobimouse (to use Blackberry as mouse/keyboard) Utility.
Realtek Wifi connection manager/ utility
XBMC <--Not running all the time.
Windows Media Center <--Not running all the time.

This is HTPC setup running 24/7 (no sleep/hibernate). I've configured the HDDs to turn off after 10mins. However, the Samsung HD never turns off. Hours go by and it still keeps spinning. I've used HDD Scan utility and selected "spindown" and the drive turns off, never turns back on again until a program accesses it (i.e. Explorer etc.)

I should mention that I've configured (registry edit) Windows Media center to store Recorded TV in the Samsung HD. WMC is not scheduled to record any shows.

All defrag / ccleaner / diskcleanup Tasks have been scheduled to run on Sunday morning between 1 am to 5 am (each triggered 1 hr apart)..

How can I troubleshoot this problem? I am only storing music, pics, videos etc. on the Samsung drive and don't want it to run 24/7. Would like that to turn off if Idle for 10 mins. The display is set to turnoff in 1 min and that works fine. Just the HDD doesn't.

Any ideas?
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  1. Yes, I Googled relentlessly but could not find right solution. So, if you got something that could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!
  2. UPDATE: Did a clean install of Win7 Ult. today. Made sure to load the NVidia SATA drivers during the install process rather than let the setup load default windows AHCI drivers.

    Didn't install any software or modify the standard install. Still, the drive won't spin down.

    How to troubleshoot the Power management issue - specifically, figuring out which app/process is accessing the disk and/or resetting the Idle timeout?
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