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I can't get the internet on my tablet when I go upstairs away from the computer- what is a good cheap router with long range to fix this?
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  1. Depends what you mean cheap. For $50 there are many routers that will meet your needs. Signal strength is limited by the government and the rules vary a bit from country to country but generally all routers sold in area transmit at the maximum legal power.
    If you stay with the larger well known brands like dlink,linksys,asus, and even some of the smaller ones like tp-link or buffalo you will get similar results.

    I have stopped recommending particular routers when there are no specific requirements because there is too much variation in peoples houses and that tends to be more important than the brand of hardware to how well it works.

    I would go to a large site like newegg or amazon and search for routers within your price range and read the reviews... particularly the low rated ones seeing if there are complaints about poor coverage since that is important to you.
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