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Hey guys,
So recently we changed our internet plan to 200gb and we previously had 25gb ADSL a month with 16gb of wireless broadband. The internet was evenly spread out between us all and we were each given a quota to stop arguments. Once you used up all your quota it stopped the internet for you. At the moment the Gargoyle Router Management firmware that is on our router distributes the wireless broadband and ADSL for your quota so you had some decent speeds at times. Now the problem is that if we increase the quota for everyone, the ADSL data amount is far greater then the wireless and so the wireless will all be used up by the next one person who downloads a large file. Is there any way to give a set amount of ADSL and Wireless to each "profile" or quota ?
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  1. Depending on what you have for a router there may be settings in it to do just that. Some of the older routers won't have that function so if you have an older one you could consider upgrasding to a new one.
    I recently purchased the Netgear 6200 wireless router and in the advanced settings it has a traffic meter and while I don't use it I just now went in and looked at the setup ogf it and it looks like it would do what your looking for.
    If not then you can look at the parental controls option and while it has the controls for monitoring your childrens web access it can be used for time allowed on the internet , sort of using it for your own purpose and not necessarily for younger children's web content and protection.
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