32x64 vs 64x64....What is this and what's it mean?

Ok I have a few short and simple questions that would really help me while purchasing some new memory (before I used to just buy stuff, but now I'm more interested in knowing what it is that I am purchasing):

Question number 1: What are the numbers 64x64 and 32x64? I see some memory modules have one or the other. What is this and what does it do?

Question number 2: Can I use a 512 MB PC2700 DDR Ram chip with a 256 MB PC2700 DDR Ram Chip?
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  1. Simplified, AxB

    A = Datapath width in bits
    B = Number of megabytes of A bit memory locations

    so in your case the 2nd number (64 in both cases) refers to the datapath width in bits (64 bits or 8 bytes). The first number refers to the number of megabytes of 8 byte memory locations. Multiply the 2 and you get the size of the DIMM (32x8 = 256MB, 64x8 = 512MB)

    Question #2, in most cases yes but it ultimately depends on your motherboard model.

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  2. Ok maybe I'm not calculating something you said, but in my case it's 32x64 and 64x64 that shows up while looking for memory. Neither of those = 256 or 512 megs of ram. What do those numbers mean?
  3. can you post a link to the memory you're referring to?

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  4. Jlanka you have to keep it in Laymans Terms for him. :wink:

  5. I'm looking on several sites, but check out's PC2700 Memory modules. It shows the 32x64 and 64x64 in the description.
  6. OK, I looked at pricewatch (DON'T CHEAP OUT ON MEMORY!!!) 256MB PC2700 and every single one was 32x64 except for one, which I think was a typo. When I went to the website ( it didn't even mention any of those numbers. So I think it was a typo.

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  7. I've seen similar things listed at newegg on different brands.

    An example is:

    KINGSTON HyperX Series 184-pin 512MB DDR400 (PC3200) 32X64 DDR RAM modules, Model# KHX3200/512

    KINGSTON HyperX Series 184-pin 512MB DDR333 (PC2700) 64X64 DDR RAM modules, Model# KHX2700/512

    ►On Sale! KINGSTON KVR333X64C25/512 512MB 32x64 PC2700 DDR RAM (better than 2100 2400)

    All three 512MB, but two of the PC2700 are stated different (32x64 and 64x64). Noticed this on other brands listed at newegg too.

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  8. 32x64=8 ram chips
    64x64=16 ram chips
  9. Thanks for the explanation. So no difference either way (performance, etc.), just 8 or 16 ram chips?

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  10. Not sure about any difference in performance,I doubt it.The 32x64 may run a little cooler since it only has ram chips on one side,Not sure though.
  11. A word of advice if your thinking of buying from [aib]--DONT. They regularly screw people on ram, one of thier best tactics is taking cheapo pc 2100 ram and sticky glueing a ramsink on it, then selling it as PC 2700-3200 ram!

    Check here for thier site's rating:

    Save yourself the trouble and buy some decent ram at a decent place [ie:newegg].
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