Burning CD crashed windows and corrupted mobo SATA port?

wow i don't know where to begin.

i upgraded to windows 7, but also went to microcenter and purchased a sony optiarc 24x dvd burner. they claimed it was new, but microcenter has products come in plastic bags sometimes. i was leery.

windows 7 has been up for days, i've used the optiarc a few times. i tried to burn a cd using the windows 7 burning feature, and it was about 600mb and took about 15 minutes (does that even sound right for 52x?). with 3 minutes left, it froze. windows was working fine, but i eventually had to halt the task. when i did, explorer died, and i couldn't bring it back. i did ctrl+alt+del and shut down the PC, but it never happened. i just kept hearing the dvd burner spin up and down.

finally had to turn it off, when i turned it back on it posted then said "press any key to boot from cd," then "boot failure," so i restarted, went into the bios and the HD was set as first boot device. saved and tried again. same thing. turned the PC off and unplugged the cd burner entirely, started it up, same problem. turned it off, plugged in the HD SATA to another port (mine are grouped in two, the cd and hard drive were in the same group, so i plugged them both to the other group of sata ports - 2 per group - Gigabyte DS3 mobo, btw). started it up and it was fine.

turned the PC off, unplugged the cd burner entirely and hooked up the HD in the old sata, same "boot from cd" problem again. like the sata port is COMPLETELY fubarred. i don't know what happened. is this windows 7 fault or is my cd burner screwed up? i have it unplugged now and plan on taking it back and getting a refund tomorrow, as i think the problem is the cd burner.

any thoughts or opinions? anything else to add? i added 4gb of RAM today and everything was working fine, then coincidentally this happened. doesn't seem like the RAM has anything to do with this...what do you think happened here? this makes no sense to me. thanks.
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    I'm going to vote for: Yes, you have a fried port. Take your burner back and RMA your motherboard (claim the port simply died and "you have no idea how it happened" if anyone asks). The extra ram you added probably had nothing to do with this failure.

    Just to test, fire up your boot drive on one of the working ports, and hook up another hard drive to the dead port (a drive you know functions properly of course). If the spare hard drive is not detected, you do indeed have yourself a dead port.
  2. should i return the cd burner and get another just like it? my friend tells me it coming in a bag means it is OEM, but that they should work fine, i just got a bad one.

    but, i'm leery about getting another one just like it!
  3. Sony burners typically are pretty good. Go for another of the same model. If it dies on you again, go back and get a different brand, like LG.
  4. yeah, the other one i bought seemed to be okay. the weird thing is it worked in the SATA drive the old one was in. so the old one only fried the SATA port it wasn't hooked up to. you know how they are paired in sets of 2 on most motherboards? the one the cd burner wasn't plugged into, but was paired with, was the one the hard drive was hooked up to and it is the one that failed.

    isn't that strange...does it seem like there could be any other explanation for what happened? i just don't see how logically it could have happened.
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