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I would like to setup a network system where I can install windows 7 on multiple PC using a network drive. Does anybody know of a guide where I can setup a network drive that will be plugged into a router? Then when I need to install windows on multiple pc I can just connect those pc to router and boot from network. Please help if you can. Thank You! :D
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  1. You can use Symantec Ghost:
    Easy to setup, but you have to create a bootable USB/CD/DVD to boot the system from. So if you want to install on 20 machines at once you have to create 20 bootable USB/CD/DVD.

    You can setup a PXE/TFTP server:
    Takes more to setup but you can boot every machine from the network.

    You also want to make sure your network can handle that kind of load. I can install on 10 machines using our ghost setup in a little more than an hour. Our Ghost server and system stations are all connected up to a gig switch.
  2. Could I plug in a network drive to my router and use that as my source for windows insulation? Thanks for reply.
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    No, you would have to setup a server to administer the installs whether you choose ghost or PXE. Then you could plug your network drive into the server to store your images. Is this for a home office style setting?
  4. Yes for small office. Thanks for all the info exactly what I needed to know. Thanks again.
  5. What TFTP server software would be good in my case if I wanted to install windows 7 on multiple pc?
  6. I just found TFTPD32 on a quick search... I've never used it but it's open source software (Free).
  7. Ok thanks. I have also seen different ones just wondering what would be better.
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  9. I'd give that TFTPDF32 a try... It looks like it can be setup on a Windows 7 machine so you wouldn't have to purchase a Server license unless you already have one.
  10. Oh really? Nice. Thank you for all the info. Will give it go. Thanks
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