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My friend has an old computer with 64MB PC-133 RAM. And he wants it to increase the RAM size. I have 2 extra 64MB PC-100 RAM. I would like to ask this question:

1.) I know that I couldn't mix both PC-133 RAM with a PC100 RAM. I would like to inquire if which one would be better to use. A 64MB PC133 RAM or a 128MB PC100 RAM?

2.) Can I use the 2 extra 64MB PC-100 RAM to his computer even if the original RAM was PC-133?


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  1. you can mix them. Just clock it to the 100FSB speed.

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  2. 1.) You don't know as much as you think you know. PC133 and PC100 are the same thing, structurally. PC133 is simply validated to run at a higher speed. There is no minimum speed. Like the last guy said, mix them all, and run them all at 100MHz. You should put the slowest DIMM in the first slot so that BIOS will use the slowest SPD timing.

    2.) Yes, as long as the bus speed is set to 100MHz or the board supports split settings (FSB133/RAM100).

    The ONLY problem you'll EVER see with running newer SDRAM memory on older boards is with density, read the FAQ about that.

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  3. How do I clock it to 100FSB?

    I tried putting the 2 64MB PC100 RAM to the computer and I'm having some problem. I installed the winxp and I can no longer open win xp. It seems that there's some hardware problem.

    But I was still able to open winxp after I installed the RAM. It's only after a few use that the problem occured.
  4. set it to 100 in the BIOS.

    If you can't "open" WinXP (whatever that means) then try it with the PC133 sticks.

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  5. I have tried testing a PC133 RAM and it doesn't hung this time. This make me conclude that it doesn't accept PC100 RAM.

    Thanks for all your post.
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