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I want to share a drive from an old PC to my new rig through a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. I have done this before by creating a new network between my new and old rigs (separate from their wireless internet connections), connecting them together using an Ethernet cable and a LAN bridge, and sharing the drive through that connection.

But my question is how safe is such a connection from viruses or hackers etc? As the connection is separate from the internet connection and is wired should it be protected by my antivirus software?
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  1. As long as one or the other PCs is also connected to the Internet, those PCs are still subject to viruses and other malware. Nothing prevents these infections from jumping networks other than the usual tools (anti-virus, firewalls, etc.).
  2. I see, but at least the connection won't make my PCs any more vulnerable than they normally are. That's good to know
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