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I have a win 7 64 bit machine and an xp 32 bit machine. The printer (an hp officejet 8000 pro is correctly installed on the win 7 machine. I used the "install additional drivers" feature on the win 7 computer. Then I went to "add a printer" to the xp machine. I almost never got it to "see" the printer on the win 7 machine, but finally it came up, said it was adding the drivers to the xp machine. After that I tried printing. Firs, it tried printing a test page and got an error and asked if I wanted to use windows to diagnose the problem--That didn't help Then I tried to print a test document made on notepad and got the error "the handle is invalid" (whatever that means).

I am not a computer whiz or guru. I not comfortable with going into the system registry or anything wild like that, but if there is solution, I'd at least like to know.
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    If possible, install the printer directly on the XP machine itself. I would NOT use the drivers provide by the XP installer. Instead, find the original XP drivers from HP. Get that working. Then return the printer to the Win7 machine. Finally, try adding the printer on the XP machine as a remote printer.

    What we're doing is making sure that all the drivers are the right ones and installed correctly as a local printer rather than *hoping* Win7 will provide the right ones to the XP machine later. Once the drivers are installed as a local printer, the remote installation should use the same ones!
  2. Thanks eibgrad, your suggestion worked after some initial problems. A word to others with this situation. It was necessary (for me anyway) to download and install the FULL HP package for my printer, not just the basic set of drivers. I had already installed them on the win 7 machine. However, it was a real bear trying to get the XP machine to find the printer on network. It worked fine as a local printer, but the add a printer function couldn't find the printer on the network even though you could see all the drives and the printer on the network from the XP machine.

    Finally after plugging and unplugging the printer from the XP machine about a dozen times, I tried the "add a printer" from the control panel to no avail. Then I took a chance, went on the network, called up the Win 7 machine, double clicked on the printer. It said it was adding the printer, and did. I thought this a little strange, but it works. Thanks again eibgrad.
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