HF850 doesn't MUTE car radio

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Hi All.

I have just installed an HF850, but it wont mute the radio when
receiving or making a call.

This kit replaced a "wired" motorola car kit that did mute the radio.

Anyone have any ideas or the same issues?

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  1. Hello,

    I am experiencing the EXACT same scenario.

    It's funny.. you are seeing the same thing I am currently having a problem with TODAY.

    - I have a Pioneer deck
    - I have the HF850 (bluetooth)
    - I am replacing a wired handsfree kit (Motorola also) which the mute function worked flawlessly (just yesterday).

    In my research all I have found is your post (with no reply) and I have learned that (just like the wired handsfree kit) is not a user selectable option on the HF850. IT IS JUST SUPPOSED TO WORK.

    So... is my HF850 defective.. or has Motorola changed the signal type and I need to put a relay or converter kit on the Mute/Entertainment wire?

    Also, robear, since this issue you were having is about 7 months ago, have you came up with a solution?

    Thanks all!
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