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Hey, I have 3 60 GB SSD's running in Raid 0. I want to see how quick I can make a computer boot from the button. I've been building computers for ever, but boot time is something I don't know too much about. I have no spending limit, so if it's a hardware thing, I can get that covered. Including the BIOS screen, (I have an ASUS P8P67-M Pro) and Windows startup animation, how quick can I get the boot up? With the speed of SSD's, shouldn't I theoretically be able to boot the computer in less than 7 seconds? Like previously stated, I can spend a good sum of money. I am looking for any suggestions, whether it's hardware related or a software tweak. Thanks.
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  1. you want to wait until they release Windows 8 certified motherboards with the UEFI bios. Then they will boot super fast.
  2. The EUFI boards boot fast now. My girlfriends HP has EUFI and even with a hard drive it boots in under a minute (~ 30 - 45 seconds). My computer with a plain bios takes almost 2 minutes.
  3. Anything else?
  4. Perhaps, remove the boot animation completely. Check necessary hardware (i.e. USB devices etc. take longer to initialize). Startup programs / services. If booting into logon screen / desktop -in case you have no password,- in the fastest time possible, look into delaying services. Some you don't want to. But anti-virus etc. stuff you can try to delay load them.
    At some point, it's just the initialization of different hardware that's going to take time. For example, I have a USB TV Tuner. Boot process does pause couple seconds to get this fired up. So, look into hardware. The minimum you have the faster it'll boot.
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