A7N8X and Memory upgrade, plese help.

I currently have 256MB of PC2100 (brand:Infineon ?!?)CL2.5, but i need to get a little more ram, i think another 256 but PC2700 or 3200.
What i would like to know is if i can use ( or is worth) , lets say PC2700 or PC3200 togheter with my current ram stick.
Or is it that having already PC2100 would slow down the other?
(if so, i have made a mistake getting PC2100, correct?).

Planning to get a "333"CPU soon, but i would hate having to traw away 256 of RAM i just bought.

Thenks very much in advance.

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  1. since the 256ram runs at a clock of 266mhz(pc2100) and you stick it with another ram that runs 333mhz(pc2700) and/or the other ram running at 400mhz(pc3200) since the 256ram is a lower clock speed it only make sense that the higher clock speed(pc2700 or pc3200) is going to have to lower its speed to match to the 266mhz(pc2100) level and run nyce with each other and everything in your computer.

  2. If you plan on upgrading to a higher bus speed later, get the PC2700 as a second stick now...and replace the PC2100 when you get the higher bus speed CPU. No, you don't have to throw it away, you could put it on ebay or something. If you know how to advertize it, you'll probably get more than you paid for it...unless you bought it off eBay.

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