Wireless Internet doesn\'t work on desktop works on laptop??

i have a netgear router and a cable suplied modem. every thing was workin great untill mydaughter came home witha new macpro lptop. now whenevrer she uses theinternet it knocks it out and i have to reset the router is my router to small? help. thanx
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  1. If you connect the Mac Pro by ethernet cable to the router does it still knock out the internet ?
    Using it by wireless knocks it off is unusual and there is no real reason for it to happen. Are you logging on as guest with the guest password or as a network access with the Homegroup password ?
  2. yes works on cable and logging with network access
  3. I've not heard of this issue before and pretty much don't know why the laptop would be killing the wireless and not the wired. There must be a setting in the Mac Pro that is not compatable with the wireless frequency that your router has. You can go into the network settings of the Mac and see what it's set at for a frequency , it may be just a matter of selecting a different option for connecting.
  4. thank you. i will give it a try
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