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ok well i just defeated alduin and i noticed that after i defeated him paarthuax started talking to me but i couldnt see him and couldnt hear him. so i kept clicking and answering when it let me and now. im stuck with a sound problem. it sound like im on top of a mountain and it wont go away please help me):
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  1. Any chance you have stereo speakers but have 5.1 setup in your sound options?

    (right-click audio icon-> playback devices-> ...)

    I forget if there are different volumes for Voices, Music etc but it's likely those are fine.

    If it's a game glitch then it needs a patch.
  2. no. its nothing to do with hardware. just a bug
  3. Well, I've heard Skyrim MAY contain a few bugs. I'm thinking of petitioning to have the name changed to "Bugger-Rim" but the connotations aren't great.

    I actually bought the game on sale with the intention of waiting for the amount of bugs to drop before playing.

    My big pet peeve is the way characters and creatures seem to slide around when standing still like they are on ice. It kind of removes me from the immersion.

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