How to connect a wireless netgear to lenovo h430

how to connect a wirelss netgear to lenovo h430
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  1. More information would be helpful. Lieke what model of Netgear router and is the router already set up in your home network or is this a new install ? If it's a new install then you should connect the router to the laptop by the ethernet cable that came with the router for the initial set up and once it's done then you can go wireless.
    If this is an existing network then you need the network password to get on. You can go to any computer that is currently on the network and go to the control panel and select Network and Internet and then select Homegroup and then select view and print the homegroup password and the next page will have the homegroup password.
    If the laptops wireless is turned off then it has to be turned on once you set up the network or when your trying to connect. The Fn key locater next to the Windows key on the keyboard will enable the other functios of the keys that have symbols on them along with numbers or letters and you look for the wireless symbol on one of the F keys.
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