My windows 7 desktop shortcut icons are not working

I am using a Gateway Desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate edition. Now my desktop icons are not working. When i restart it works at the start and lateron it does not. Please help.
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  1. Hi :)

    Is it a LEGAL copy of Ultimate ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yes it is. Thanks for responding to my request.
  3. Raj_48 said:
    Yes it is. Thanks for responding to my request.

    He had a valid question.

    Did you run Ccleaner and malwarebytes as well as install an antivirus system?

    Did someone perhaps take a screenshot of the desktop, place it as your wallpaper and hide all the shortcuts? (I know, I know, probably not but I had to ask)
  4. There a small code written by someone to clear icon cache, u may tried that to see if it fix the problem. (I have it, but i'm forget where I got it from, u may google it, or u can type the code directly in command prompt in admin privileges)
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