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How to strengthen my wireless Connection

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February 12, 2013 11:21:21 PM

Recently i moved into a trailer park just outside of town. It gives free wifi internet to everyone in the park. Sometimes its 1MBp/s others its 144MBp/s. Al ot of the time it disconnects and reconnects immediately or it slows. down. I believe we are on the very edge of the networks range as sometimes the network will disappear and reappear on my networks list. The neighbor has either an extender or a repeater that boosts the signal in his house and he says he has a great signal and never get disconnected. The network is called eagleridge1 but his extension is called eagleridge_EXT which is the 1 we normally connect to as its connection is MUCH better. How can i boost the signal for my own home to a point where its not horrible. I got a extender but it does not work and we have a repeater ordered to see if it helps. The extender we already have apparently is supposed to be near the router and the router is in the office where i dont have access.

A new neighbor is apparently putting up a antenna for his home that catches signal from much further away. Will this help our signal?? Will the repeater help?? Is there any way to salvage this internet or do i have to go with the over priced pos thats offered here as its the only 1 not dial up??

also i wondered if its possible to turn the wireless signal into a wired signal and if it would get better reception.

4got to mention... currently im having to connect to eagleridge1 which has 1MBp/s and 1 single bar where as the eagleridge_ext has between 4 and 5 bars and is pushing 144MBp/s but i cannot connect to it... IPv4 no internet IPv6 no internet and when i attempt to troubleshoot it ither cant find the problem or it says authentication required but we dont log in to our internet its always open... Also the internet is not down in the office where the router is so...

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February 13, 2013 1:54:21 PM

The best way to extend it is for the Park to install more Access Points. The repeater will extend it and you'll see full bars but you still might not get a good connection through it. I'd ask mgmt if they'd install another access point because I assume your close neighbors are experiencing the same issues. Besides the guy with the extension.

Why not just use your neighbor's extension if he's ok with it?
February 13, 2013 1:54:28 PM