Windows 7 can not shutdown

Here is my configuration:

CPU: i7-920
MOBO: ga-x58a-ud3r
video card: xfx hd5770
OS: windows 7 ultimate x64

I have one problem right now. If I click shutdown, the screen becomes black but the mobo is still running including those fans. Anyone know how to fix it?

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  1. Right click your taskbar and go to Properties. In the Start Menu section, make sure the Power Button Action drop down menu actually is set to Shut Down.
  2. Yes, it is set to shutdown, but I can not shut down the computer completely.
  3. Had to get the obvious solution out of the way first...

    Next I would make sure you are on the latest version of your BIOS (version F3). If you are, try disabling certain non-essential drivers in the device manager (such as your Audio and Network drivers) and then shut the system off. Do these one at a time so you can determine which one is causing the problem. If the system completely powers off after disabling one of these drivers, update that driver and try shutting the system down again.
  4. I disabled audio, network, usb, 1394 drivers, but still can not shutdown.
  5. Another obvious, but not yet mentioned. You have checked the power management settings in the BIOS?
  6. I had a look over the motherboard manual to see what power management settings could be adjusted from the BIOS. Strangely, ACPI settings were not present. Everything else available in that BIOS wouldn't contribute (as far as I'm aware) to shutdown issues.
  7. Here is a thread that might give you a few ideas. In particular, the later posts talk about firewire - this may be worth looking at as I believe your m/b has firewire ports.
  8. You haven't added in a PCI-e Serial or Parallel port, have you? I ran into an issue like this at work recently and after quite a few hours of troubleshooting, got a solution.

    If you have let me know and you can give it a try.
  9. Thanks for everyone! Without your help, I wouldn't finally find the problem:

    The mother board has 3 sata controller: ich10r, gbyte, marvel. The driver of gbye sata controller from the windows 7 has the problem. After I disable this driver, I can shutdown the computer. Then I installed the driver from the gigbyte and enable the driver. Everything is OK.

    My windows 7 is running great without any problem. Now in the device manager, it shows 2 "gigbyte gbb36x controller". Is that normal?
  10. @george2005 - thanks for posting your solution. I was in the exact same situation as you and I just disabled the gigabyte SATA controller and my PC began shutting down properly. I then downloaded the latest driver from gigabyte's site, re-enabled in device manager and everything was fine! You saved me hours of troubleshooting.
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