D-link router fails to detect modem (at all)

I've had a D-link N750 DB running smoothly for about a year now. Suddenly the other day, for no apparent reason, it dropped its connection to the modem and refuses to acknowledge it anymore. The router still broadcasts the network ESSID and accepts external connections.

First, the cable modem appears to work just fine, as I'm able to hard wire with a laptop and get consistent internet service. Second, when in the router settings, the ethernet connection status reads not detected, so it seems to me that the router hardware has no idea its got anything plugged into it.

I've tried the standard power cycling methods in various orders about a dozen times. I've replaced cables and done a hard reset of router settings. No dice.

Is this thing bricked? What else can I try?
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  1. Try a different cable between the modem and router. If not, chances are you have a brick...
  2. Tried this with no success. Both of the ethernet cables I tried between the modem and router worked perfectly between a modem and laptop.
  3. Sounds like time for a new router....
  4. I don't understand what makes routers crap out on me with such consistency! I can't ever seem to keep one for an entire year, but six months seems more the norm. What about having a cable modem is so destructive to them and how can I help safeguard against further failure?
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    I have had terrible luck with anything D-Link produces. They simply are off limits for me... If you keep going with D-link I can guess the problem... I have used several different brand routers, Netgear, SMC, D-Link, TrendNET, and Linksys since I first got broadband in the late 90s. The only router I had trouble with is the D-link. I had 3 of them go bad on me in 3 months. CompUSA simply refunded my money, That was when I bought the SMC...

    I can speak well of the current Linksys stuff. Not sure how long they are going to be decent though. Belkin recently bought them, and they are known to make nice looking garbage... If I were in the market for a new router, I would probably grab either a Netgear WNDR4500, or an Asus RT-N66U. Possibly leaning toward the Asus as it has adjustable antennae for the WiFi so I can fine tune it more...
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I wasn't extremely pleased with the last Linksys, but since the most recent two have been Belkin and D-Link, I guess I shouldn't be surprised the streak continued. I love ASUS hardware, so I'd love to go with that, but after days of no wireless, I'll probably settle for Netgear. Curse big-box store selection!
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  8. I haven't used Netgear in a long time. Hopefully they are still as top rate as they were back when I used them... Good luck to you!

    Sorry to hear about the Linksys issues you have had... I have had fair luck with them. Not my first choice, but not a slacker either...
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