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Hey, I just built a new computer, and I have an internet problem! The motherboard I have has no wireless integrated, and it's too far away from a access point. For a couple days I was using my laptop as a wireless adapter. I don't how I did it really though, I was just messing with settings and made it able to share the internet to my other computer. One day when I got home, it just wouldn't connect. It got stuck identifying, so I just thought it wasn't able to communicate to my laptop anymore. I bought a Etekcity High Powered wireless adapter, because I thought this would fix my problem. I got it plugged it in, and wella. Identifying for 4 hours. I tried this over and over for a couple days, while trying to fix it by changing router setting, and computer setting but nothing would work. After that I kind of gave up. Well now I really want to start gaming! . I have tried so many things, and I really need your help. Right now I am thinking of getting a powerline adapter to see if that would work. It seems that it is the computer's problem not the adapter's or laptop, because every network or device I try to use or connect to, it get's stuck Identifying. Please help!
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  1. can your laptop connect to WIFI right now??
  2. shinshumizu said:
    can your laptop connect to WIFI right now??

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