Which is better? ZTE MF190 or Huawei E173

I'm planing to buy a USB Modem but was required to choose between ZTE MF190 or Huawei E173. I'm not very much an expert when it comes to USB modems, but I guess there specification are very close. I've been using an older Huawei E1550 which I lost earlier. It was very reliable and lasted long. So I guess the brand Huawei isn't so bad. Any experience with the ZTE?
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  1. I have both of these adapters. The ZTE with Vodafone and Huawei with a local provider. To tell you the truth the adapter itself really makes little difference. The connection speed get is all about the signal provided.
    Sometimes the ZTE works better and sometimes the Huawei, personally cant really tell the difference. As far as I know they are both 3G and that is really all that counts. If a 3G signal is available you will be fine otherwise you will be browsing in slow mo!!!!
    One thing I did notice though is that you can use an external antenna on the ZTE, if that makes any difference...
  2. But in terms of reliability and longer age, which brand holds a higher ranking?
    I have no experience really with the ZTE, still if it has something better I don't want to be missing it.
    Both are Chinese brands and both have almost the same product range, it's hard somehow to notice which has the edge in the field of USB modems. Any help??
  3. I checked both out, and (my mistake) the Huawei is the Vodafone modem (K3770) and the ZTE is from the local provider.
    I think I can now safely say that the Huawei is the better of the two!
    Honestly speaking Huawei has been around longer than ZTE and they do seem to have more experience in the mobile field.

    I hope I helped in your descision...

    PS. Can't you get a free modem from your provider?
  4. Unfortunately not for free they sell it for like 25$ (Local provider) for the stick (Huawei E173 or the ZTE MF190) plus the SIM card. By free what do you mean, like to test it?

    If you wouldn't mind, what's the use for external antenna?
    What is the release date of both the ZTE and the Huawei if you got hold of that information please tell me because I couldn't fiind it anywhere?
    I think you helped me alot narrow my choice so thanks alot. :D
  5. $25 is a good deal! I didn't actually pay for mine, I had to sign a 12 subscription to get it. The funny thing is that just after that my wife got me an iPad so use the sim with that, I have the Huawei stick laying around in case of emergency.

    The external antenna would be usefull in a car maybe, like way back in the day when car phones weighed 20lbs!!! You could stick one to the roof of the car and the signal would be better.

    Sorry, I can't help you with the release date on either though..

    Glad I could help.
  6. Both ok!But i am using huawei b593,I thingk its very good, maybe you can have a try!
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