Do those programs that tweak internet connection help any

title says it all i was wondering if internet tweak utilities either speed up your internet or help with latency or are they just garbage
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  1. They will probably more harm than good! Your internet connection is as fast as the ISP can grant you, or otherwise as fast as the connection speed you have signed for. If your ISP is supplying say 10Mbps but the fastest you can get on your PC is 5Mbps then I would say something is wrong. That something would probably be a weak signal or a bad network configutation. None of these could be fixed by any software.
    What kind of issue are you experiencing?
  2. no issues and my speed is 30mbps but i jst want to have the best latency
  3. I think that if anything, a modem would probably be the only thing that could make a difference. The internet speed and latency that makes it to your modem has to do with the physical line quality and also the ISPs network hardware and even the distance from the network junction. So as you can probably guess, software wouldn't be able to improve any of these factors.
  4. ok, well what about i know some utilities you can set it to what your internet speed is. well mine is 30mb's but im sure windows 7 is set for say 5mb or somthin i wonder if little tweaks in number of pakets andf all that stuff they do will do anything. but prolly right not much if anything at all?
  5. You could try tinkering with the packet, MTU size and jumboframes etc. but for any of that to make a difference ouside your home network your ISP would have to be set up accordingly and support these settings.
    You could look into it but things may get complicated.
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