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After dual booting my drive, it was suddenly changed to an offline dynamic disk. My problem is, I can turn it back online, but it gives me the status of "errors" I checked around for the past 12 hours, and everything says the same thing, turn it back online (it is) Reactivate it (That command is grayed out) Use Dynamic disk converter 2.1 (Says offline even though CMD says it is online)

Now, I am a bit frustrated, after 6 hours or so, my entire PC crashed, I did nothing special to cause this but hey it did. When I would boot up it would give "error loading OS" I checked all my drives, they're working PERFECTLY fine so I have no idea what is causing this. After I inserted my Windows 7 CD it seems to boot up fine now. I have two separate drives, one to handle my main OS being Windows 7 and the other to handle all my media which is the one that I cannot access anymore.

After reading dozens of articles I cannot find any solid answer that work for my case.

I am using the Windows 7 disk manager not a third party program, also, I have read all the 'help' from the microsoft website there is to deal with this problem. But nothing seems to work. :fou:

To help literate a bit more this is what my Disk Manager looks like:

Disk 0 Primary partition
38 GB

Disk 1


When right clicked on Disk 1 everything is Grayed out except properties, help, and Offline.

I don't know if any of this information will be of any help, I am trying to literate as much as I possibly can and give any evidence that might help.

Anyways, this entire thing has given me a huge headache and I have a huge term paper due x_x...

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Did you clone the drive from your original system before making it dual boot? If so, it may have the same volume serial number, and that's a no-no under Windows...
  2. I partitioned my D: by 30 GB. It worked fine, I did all the updates for the new OS then it just started to act funny D: I also have two physical drives I partitioned the media drive.
  3. I suggest you remove the error dynamic disk, and install it into an XP system. Because there is no offline state in WinXP, then you can use Dynamic Disk Converter 3.0 to convert the invalid dynamic disk back to a basic.
  4. ouch XD that would be good, but I already 'fixed' it at the expense of all my information/work/projects/pictures/school/music/videos/programs/everything else. I took out my primary hard drive and loaded everything up with WIN 7, and used the repair function to get into CMD, then just did a diskpart clean x_x and now my main harddrive wont boot up with out the windows 7 disk so I am about to just go buy a new one, hell its been 10 and 6 years since I have had them
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