Sound Blaster and Windows Xp !

Hi !
I have a problem with my Sound Blaster Live 5.1 sound card and Windows Xp Home Edition.
The trouble comes from the fact that my center speaker don't gives any sound in games, mp3s or movies even if with the test of the Ctrative software it works.
So it's not about a wrong connection or cables. It si juat about Windows and the soundcard.
Did anyone experienced such a problem ?
I need help because I want to hear music and also to watch movies with my 5.1 Creative 5300 audio system !
Thank you !
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  1. You will only get suround sound, center and rear if the the audio is encoded with the surround channels. When u say movies, is this directly off a dvd or downloaded?
  2. I solved the problem.
    In the player of the soundcard ( smth like winamp) you must acctivate the comand cmss. And that's it !
    So simple but ...
    See ya !
  3. I'm very dissapointed !
    As I said I partially solved the problem, that's because enabling cmss I can hear and the center satelite but the rear satelites have a worst sound !
    So I have two choices :
    1. No cmss and I have a 4.1 audio system.
    2. Cmss ON, 5.1 audio system, but the rear speakers almost nule !
    How can I solve this problem. It's because of Windows Xp ?
    There is any software (other than the oficial one) to adjust volnme, spekers, eax - same as cretives's software.
    Please help me !
  4. Have you found any solutions ?
  5. Boys, boys boys !
    I solved the problem by getting out the orange cable from the subwoofer !
    So simple and efficient !
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