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hi i have an xfx radeon hd 6790 im using the hdmi port and the display port for two tvs and im using the vga (i think its called the vga) port it sez right on the box that it supports 3 moniters i can switch between any two that i want but i cant get all three to work at the same time. ive looked up every solution i can think of and to say im frustrated is a major understatement :fou: and when i try to use all three at the same time i get "to extend the display another display must be disabled i tried threatning the video card with a glass of water but i think it knew i was bluffing. seriously any advice ?
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  1. so you did end up solving this issue?

    normally unless you have a flex edition video card for AMD cards you need a active display port adapter to get a 3 seperate monitor set up.
  2. im glad you mentioned that i have an adaptor but ive been you tubing videos and i keep hearing active display port adaptor how do i know if my adaptor is active or not ?
  3. active ones used to all come with a display-port and a added USB plug for extra power, but i know now sapphire and other companies have a active display-port adapter that no longer has that USB attachement.

    did the display-port adapter come with your video card? if it did i would look at the box or look up the card online and see if it just a standard adapter, or a active one. in any case running more than two monitors (unless it is something like a flex edition model from sapphire), you will need an active display port adapter, if the image is different on all monitors, such as span view.
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