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I am in the process of building a new system and am debating on using round cables as opposed to the standard cables. By every account the two advantages of round cables are a cooler system and neater appearance.

The case that I have is a large server case by Antec with 3 fans standard and the option for two more (Sever Tower PLUS1080AMG).

Obviously I do not want my system to overheat causing damage. The main components are top of the line, such as a 2700+ processor and radeon 9700 pro card, which from my research both give off a fair amount of heat.

My question is do you think the case will be able to stay cool on its own or should I spend the extra $30 to $40 that it would cost to buy rounded cables?
Any responses are welcome and encouraged!!!!
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  1. According to what I heard. Round cables can only
    Improve the airflow slightly. It's really not going
    to make a major difference. Besides, you got a server
    case, so there should be plenty of room for the airflow.
    So for cooling reason to buy round cables for
    a server case, I would say "Neh". But round cables do
    look better and less messy inside the case.
    I would get it anyways.(since $40 compare to the
    whole system which cost around $1200 is nothing)

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  2. Thanks for the input.

    I guess it is pretty trivial to dwell on such a minor cost when compared to the whole thing.
  3. Last November I found a guy selling some round cables on ebay. He was selling 4 floppy cables and 6 long ass ide cables. They were only 5.99 buy it now, so I figured why not. It was probably the best investment I ever made

    It's amazing how easily they can pimp out a case

    It's all good ^_^
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