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sry i hope i dont get in trouble for double posting the otherone sez solved im not sure how that got there. hi i have an xfx radeon hd 6790 im using the hdmi port and the display port for two tvs and im using the vga (i think its called the vga) port it sez right on the box that it supports 3 moniters i can switch between any two that i want but i cant get all three to work at the same time. ive looked up every solution i can think of and to say im frustrated is a major understatement and when i try to use all three at the same time i get "to extend the display another display must be disabled i tried threatning the video card with a glass of water but i think it knew i was bluffing. seriously any advice ?
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  1. just guessing but do you mean the super wide-screen set up? if so, try looking up 'eyefinity' on youtube. pretty sure your card supports it. it is ATI/AMDs 3-screen solution.

  2. ya its supported just not working for some reasion im wondering if mabie its the adaptor im using bit even so i can use any two in any combo i want just not all three it even sez it on the box up to 3
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