low level format = more space

I heard that doing an low level format would give it more space.
Is this true?
if yes. can i make my 6.1GB Fujitsu MPE3064AT biger?

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  1. i do not think so.
  2. Guess it sounded to good to be true :)

    "The tendacy of the universe is Chaos"
  3. lol your stuck with the capacity you have got.

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  4. What they're talking about is a LLF will remove the Boot Sector, and Partitions, and all files from the drive, it will be pretty much factory restored, but your reinstallation of the OP/SYS will put the Boot Sector right back on the drive.

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  5. Wouldn't do a Low Format if I was you, I have some VERY bad memories about that stuff! Totally ruined my old Bigfoot 2 Gigs HD... or maybe I forgot something again?
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