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I just purchased an amped Wireless Dual Band Repeater.
instructions said to connect repeater, using RJ45 cable, to my computer and go to their install page.
only thing is, the install page does not load.
They don't seem surprised, since the instructions say, if it does not load, connect wireless to repeater by using SSID Anped_Rep_2.4GHz.
Only I don't know how to search for SSID ID on the TP LInk router.

Any suggestions (other than returning product that requires access to its website that it does not make sure is running).
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    You have to go into the routers internal settings to get the SSID and the first step is to put the routers address in the browsers address bar and hit enter. The routers address is most likely and that will open a log in window where you put the user name and password. Then once in you look for the wireless section and the wireless security sub menu and the routers SSID will be in there.
  2. thanks
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