is Newegg a good place to buy from?

I'm thinking about buying a processor from them, but I've seen a few posts up here of people who bought from them and had bad parts. I also heard that a lot of their stuff is refurbed.

sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
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  1. Newegg is AWESOME. I've ordered probably about $600-$800 worth of stuff from them the past 6 months or so and have NEVER had any problems with anything. They do have refurbed stuff, but it's sold in the refurbished section. They sell retail and OEM. Their shipping is great too. I live in PA and they're based in CA and I get my stuff like 3 or 4 days after i place my order.
  2. The only bad thing I can think of is that they don't ship internationally, so a lot of us people in Canada can't get their stuff. They do sell high quality stuff and it's pretty cheap.
  3. they rock, and their refurbished products are marked as such.

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  4. Awesome. Never had a problem with them and they are fast with their shipping. I also hear that if you do have a problem they are good with the whole replacement process.
  5. Am I the only complaining? Last month I bought an ATA100 Raid control card. It was DOA piece. Newegg said that was out of order and could not replace. They did allow me to return, but I had to pay the shipment. Then I got only the tag price money back, no sale tax refund!
  6. can't please everyone ...

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  7. That's illegal, not refunding the tax on a purchase refund. I've had a few of my own returns from local retailers not include a refund of the tax, a quick request to the supervisor fixed it without any hassle [Toys R'Us tried it twice].

    I've also had a couple of quotes in which I inquired more deeply into, as they added tax to the shipping charge...I've been meaning to investigate that, as only a select few tried that, and it didn't appear to be a State issue, as others in the same areas did not do the same. Tax fraud isn't exactly what a legit reseller should play with.

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  8. Thanks for your input. I guess I didnot want to go through all the hassles just asking for $2 back.
  9. Hello !

    Well I have never tried them, but then again from I see I will never try them either.

    See it looks like a tastic of bait and switch the dealer is using, but this is only from what I have read then again read the following.

    Say the reseller wants to sell to a group so they post info here and help.

    Say another wants to do the same then you have players from bother companies or more throwing out this or that.

    I say check out some reseller rating sites, also not to forget to examine the sites return pollicy and even email them and get a replie in the email that is to your liking that includes they refund all tax, price, and any extra money if something goes wrong.

    Also if the reseller is on the up and up and would like to sell to you have them enter into a agreement that states plainly that if court action is need they will pay all fees, cost, and a extra 10% of the price and including the tax for your problems.

    Having this would make it allot harder for reseller to get away with the stuff they do and make it simpler to get your money back as the email is a locking to make sure you have a valid contract to your liking and is enforced with a print out of the source so to have a legal document.

    Hope that helps and email the company to get ya started !

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  10. I don't think a single online retailer would go for that purchase. They'd just tell you go somewhere else. I have made requests via email for minor things, such as an assurance in writing that I will not be responsible for shipping on wrong items being shipped to me and needing returned...never have received a reply for such requests.

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  11. What are you talking about? Contract? Just read their TOS. If you don't like them, don't buy from them. They're more than fair. Who have you been buying from that negotiates contracts? I think we're talking about retail sales, not government or educational institution deals.

    Bait and switch? Check out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, and you'll see that they have the highest rating of any retailer out there.

    Feel free to check out the Better Business Bureau. But don't insult us by saying that we're all lying and working to fool people. I sure as hell don't work for them and I say great things about them nonetheless. It's to help people out, not trick them. Ever really buy from a bad dealer? It sucks. Newegg is among the best.

    I'm in the middle of RMA. If that works out, which it has so far, I'll be even more pleased with them.

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  12. I've been ordering almost all my computer parts from newegg for the longest time. The few times I had to return parts there was absolutely no hassle at all. I even had a motherboard I thought I killed in overclocking WELL past the 90 RMA period and a few minutes after I called I had an RMA number (Turned out it was PSU not mobo so I didn't send it back)
    the company has awesome price most of the time, and if you feel bad about them, check some reseller ratings I'm not the only one having nothing but good experiences with them. Every time I build a computer for a friend almost everyting comes from newegg.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
  13. LOL --- !

    Did not take long for that to get a responce so that says allot to me on what is up, but then again your post you put ----
    "Just read their TOS"
    "They're more than fair"
    "I think we're talking about retail sales" < Special >
    "But don't insult us" <real Smart>
    "we're all lying and working to fool people" (LOL-DA)
    "I sure as hell don't work for them" (LOL-DA) "look above"

    Well allot of info there for someone not working for them. Always look to the replies to tell how hard the person is working to drum up sales and if you are not working for them then why are you pushing them (Da ya Dumb [-peep-])

    Wow that special line about retail sales. Ok you posted it and is logged and can be used and inforced if you do work for them or even as making false and misleading statement ya [-peep-] idiot. Retail sales ya say so I take it you are saying they are a retail sales shop with not one OEM product and if I look at their site and it has OEM them just just fuycked up again.
    (Da a idiot and his/her money is soon parted)

    Ever think people that get hit by a company might have a clue as to what is going on or maybe investgations. If ya think enough ya might get a clue and think about it is the clue I am giveing ya !

    Never milk a person when ya can offer real service and honest products at fair prices.

    Ya have to many people post negtive things so have fun !

    A computer built with some performace in mind will give you 10% more bang for your bulk s (ºoº)
  14. **sigh**

    I suppose we didn't land on the moon and the pentagon was hit with a truck bomb too.


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  15. Were you feed a diet of conspiricies as a child or something?

    I spent 1300 at newegg and the CPU was DOA and they took it back no questions asked after a month. They even took back my mobo which I thought was the problem no questions asked. The only complaint I have with them is that it was hard for me to hear them on the phone as the volume was so low.

  16. I've spent over $5,000 in the past year through them, and I would buy through them 95% of the time. They are reputable, they always have a fair price (no gimmicks), and if you do get bad parts they go out of their way to replace/refund the product. I've dealt with too many many companies that jerk you around if something doesn't go right. It's inevitable that you will get bad components from time to time (motherboard... etc.) and those are the times you find out if a company is good or not. Very rarely do I have a problem with anything I order, not to mention that they ship items usually within 24 hours. I've had companies that didn't even confirm my order for 4 days ( who cares if the shipping is cheap if they don't ship your items for almost a week.

    Newegg is the kind of business that breeds customer loyalty, mainly because they take care of their customers.

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  17. "Well allot of info there for someone not working for them. Always look to the replies to tell how hard the person is working to drum up sales and if you are not working for them then why are you pushing them (Da ya Dumb [-peep-])"
    and where is this abundance of information you speak of? i see no insider evidence what so ever. i find it absulutely incredible that you some how managed to brew up the notion of a conspiracy between regular posters and newegg, get your head out of your ass!

    you shot who in the what now?
  18. give dhlucke a break...he still thinks we landed on the moon.

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  19. I got a full refund for my IBM drive that I bought in ~October 2001. Great service imop.

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  20. The next time I can't find what I want localy, I will try them.

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  21. newegg is the best, their shipping is the fastest with a reasonable fees. I bet you can't find a second online retailer comes close to newegg when comes to return policy. I ordered over $1500 from them last year and will comes back for my new system this summer.
  22. the funny thing about newegg is that they appeared just about the same time as was closing up shop (who I used to love). Wonder if there's a connection?

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  23. I get 10% off for recommending them, don't you?

    If you can find it on the internet, it HAS to be true! :smile:
  24. hehehe, that would be nice.

    you shot who in the what now?
  25. ordered about $4,000 of stuff from them in the past 4 months,

    everything came earlier than expected,
    everything was the way I expected it,
    everything was working out of the box.

    never had a bad part, so dont know how rma would of went.

    but so far, I'm pleased.

    my 2 rubles.
  26. According to the Better Business Bureau it is satisfactory.
  27. Read the posts... didn't know Newegg has had some scams. Maybe they just made a mistake charging sales tax on a returned order.

    The price we pay for capitalism... check out the many ratings on, I think this company gets poorly manufactured but cheap parts because most users report more failures than usual. The amount of time it takes to settle problems with faulty products and miscommunications averages a 1(if you're lucky)-3 months. They must run the business from an apartment or something.
  28. New Egg is great. I just ordered a new system from them and everything got here super fast. They do charge a bit much when shipping USPS. I ordered a $9 smart media card not to long ago and I was charged $20 for shipping. The actual postage was only $3.50. That kind of sucked, but I believe in playing by the rules.

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  29. Why didn't you ship it FedEx?

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  30. As a man who hates nearly all online PC hardware vendors here lately, NewEgg has proven excellent thus far. I do have one minor complaint: they need to get some more skilled programmers to calculate their shipping costs, as adding a $1 tupe of thermal paste should not cause a $5 increase in shipping, as it tends to do. If they can fix those bugs, their prices and service could finally put the frauds out there outta business.

    Now if only someone would through CNETPC in freakin jail, then I couldn't ask for anything more.

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  31. newegg is the best,cant go wrong with them they have great prices and ship very fast and cheap shipping prices too.
  32. I'm currently doing a RMA with newegg right now. They will receive my faulty processor on 6/17 (monday). Shipping takes 3 takes (arrives on the third day) for me, so can anyone here who's done an RMA with them estimate how long it will take?

    Update: Got a replacement processor on Friday, 6/22! Fast!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cakecake on 06/22/02 03:19 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  33. LOL, I just worked my way thru the posts by 'ComputerGeek', it's a Friday at work, he provided good entertainment. I was about to comment about how he probably thinks the FBI and CIA are after him, but I think someone already glanced upon the conspriacy theories LOL.
  34. Ughh?? What!!?
  35. Nothing to worry about. But you better hide.

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  36. Oh, he doesn't know about my little job at the FBI, does he? Well, hope he doesn't find out........

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  37. <pre>I won't tell him.</pre><p>

    <b>R.I.P. <font color=green>FatBurger</font color=green>. </b> :smile:
  38. new egg has ripped me off in the past but the last few things I got from them I had no problems with.

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  39. I am yet another user who will praise Although sometimes they are a bit pricey on the DDR RAM and a few other things, by maybe $5 or $10 more (UDS), they are great for most people in the US to order from. Not sure if other countries can order there. I have yet to experience any bad stuff from them.

    I even had one of their guys call me on a weekend to let me know the motherboard i ordered was out of stock and if I wanted to get a different one. I went with a Socket A instead (a good thing too!) and a different CPU. Great people!

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  40. I just used newegg for the first time to purchase my new case.... everything went smooth and I had it in my hands 2 days later. I just ordered a mobo from them Wednesday and it looks like I just might get it Friday... excellent.

    Only thing I noticed is that they have employees log on and review the products, posing as customers that have purchased the products.... you can tell because the same exact reviews will be on the whole list of a type of product and they will compliment newegg in the review too.... pretty cheesy... but not a big deal
  41. They also have some bad reviews.. I always buy from them or But I shop around also.

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  42. Fast shipping with no trouble.I don't know about there customer service cause i don't have problem yet (i just receive my purchase.
    I wrote a review about the product i receive.2/5 i think but after 3 days the review still not there???!!!!
    I'm about to thing they control there review.This is bad ,really bad procedure.
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