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Crazy Installation Error

Hey guys. I've been trying for the past couple days now to install the Windows 7 RC on a Seagate 60GB IDE laptop drive which it worked on earlier this year. When it finally decided to get past the "Setup is starting" screen, it got to the partitioner. It appeared to have partitioned the disc the way i wanted it to (with its little 100mb system reserved partition off to the side) and the rest formatted to NTFS. Yet when I hit the next button, it gave me the error message 0x80070087 which I can't really figure out. Any suggestions on what to do to get past this issue?
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    Hi J

    Try re-installing 7 again. This time disconnect from the LAN and remove any other devices you can do without, USB's etc; Also, when you get to the screen to put in a password leave it blank, you can put it in later if the installation completes. Can't find anything solid on this error message but it seems to be network related. If you are able to complete the installation and start having problems after reconnecting to the LAN then you know look.
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