How to connect a XP and W8 computer.


I hope this is in the correct thread, if not which is the correct, I was thinking Wireless Networking but would prefer a wired option.

I have two computers one running on Xp and the other on 8, they are positioned next to each other and I'd like to connect them so each can access the other. They are connected via enthral to a common router.

I've looked online for information on how to do this but couldn't find anything helpful on connecting XP and 8. What would the best way to do this?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. Assuming you already have your Windows XP boxes networked using a Workgroup, just follow the tutorial on Technet for joining your Windows 8 box to a workgroup.

    Of course if you have a SAMBA, or Windows domain controller, join the systems to the domain and configure sharing...
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