Raid not formatting

Hi ya all,

I have a few problems with a raid 0+1 setup using the following:

Epox 8k5a3+ W/4ch HPT374.
2 x WD1200JB - 75CRA0 firmware 16.06V16 (shown as 119.99GB each)
2 x WD1200JB - 00CRA1 firmware 17.07W17 (shown as 120.03GB each)
4 x rounded ATA133 cables
Windows XP pro SP1 on SCSI U160 controller and drive.
(See link below for more system info)

Basically I can't format the array successfully after its created, it will go to 99.9% before failing which is some time over 223gb :mad: .
Each of the drives check out fine with Western Digitals disk tools but I cannot test the array itself. I have also had the Highpoint wrong driver version experience :lol: , so I now have that under control.

I will mention I had the raid 0+1 array setup and working previously with the same hardware. I had two partitions on the volume although one partition at the start of the drive had continual errors which caused data corruption and this is why I disassembled it.

Anyway, maybe I am missing something and I would appreciate any advice, thankyou.

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  1. Shameless bump

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  2. I suggest you express post the drives to me for extensive evaluation and testing :smile:
    oh, and your adsl modem too while your at it!

    sorry man. no ideas.

    have you just tried formatting 2 drives as a raid 0 or 1? or just one drive? check to see if its not something specifically wrong with doing 0+1.

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  3. Sure thing, right after you send me ya credit card number and the expiry date! :tongue: lol

    Well I have tried 2 drives in raid 0, 4 drives in raid 0 and that works perfectly, with the raid 1, 0+1 etc it will create and duplicate the raid array alright, but it just wont allow me to format it in either Windows disk management and Partition magic 8. :mad:

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  4. no probs... ill just make sure the card is within 3 bux of being completely maxxed out :tongue:

    sounds like its havving raid1 issues... but why i wonder. *hmmmm*

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  5. Yes it looks that way, I just tried it again and still no go. All I want is raid 0+1 damn it!

    I may try the earlier driver version 1.21

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