Too many devices on wifi?

I'm having issues where I'm resetting my devices numerous times a day to connect via wifi. I am considering assigning static IPs, but I'm not sure if that will fix the issue and looking for any advice.

We have a newer linksys router supporting 4 laptops, 2 desktops, 3 iphones, an ipad, an apple tv (also a smart tv, two wifi blu-ray players, but I'm less concerned about those devices). Everything is relatively new (1-2 years old). Most everything is turned on during the day but only a few things may be in use at a time.

Many of my devices are loosing connection multiple times per day, my ipad is losing connection every 15 minutes, my apple tv takes a lot of finagling to connect (my level of tech expertise is basically me power cycling everything and prayer). Once my laptops get online, they tend to stick. It seems my apple devices lose signal more frequently.

I've updated the firmware on the router and played with wideband settings and channel selection and haven't noticed much difference. I do see a lot of other wifi signals around me. The constant disconnecting has been going on for a couple of months. We have Comcast/Xfinity as our cable provider on 20/MB internet.

Could this be wifi congestion? Could assigning static IPs help? TIA
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  1. Static IPs will not help an overloaded wifi router/access point. However, make sure your router is not on a channel used by a close neighbor. You can do that by pulling up a list of all access points and noting which channels are being used by the strongest signals. Then make sure your router is set to a different channel.
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