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I have a router provided by my internet/phone/cable service that I use to operate a wired desktop and two wireless computers in my home. This system works well, but I want to use a repeater or range extender to extend the signal to my garage. From that, I would also like to have a local wired port or connection. In other words, I want to go wireless from my router to the repeater in the garage and be able to run cable to a computer from that.

I have two questions:

1) Will this configuration work (assuming that the repeater has ports)?

2) Of the reviews I've read of range extenders, there are always lots of people who complain that the signals do not remain connected consistently. Is this really such a big problem with all these devices?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. There is always the chance of interference with a wireless connection. If its possible you should run an ethernet cable from your wireless router into the garage and connect to a second router if your connecting multiple devices out there or just run the wire and connect to the computer.
  2. It's going to be pretty much impossible to run a cable, so would the original plan work?
  3. If that's the case then yes you can use a range extender to get the wireless signal into the garage , you will however have to make sure that the range extender has an ethernet port on it as some do not they just extend the wireless signal.

    You have to be careful with reading feedback because you don't know the whole story unless the person leaving the feedback takes the time to post the whole story and most do not. The other thing you have to know is that the person that is most likely to leave feedback is the person that has had problems and is angry over it. A lot of people that buy the item and are satisfied will just not think of taking the time to leave positive feedback.

    There are things that will interfere with a wireless signal and some that you have no control over , that's why I suggested an ethernet cable. However if it's not possible then it's not and you have to make do with what you can do. If you find interference with the wireless then you can change to a different channel in the router , I believe there are 11 channels to choose from and if you have a dual band router and you get a dual band range extender then you have two frequencies to choose from.

    Some people will use a second router as an access point which will also extend the wireless signal and give you four lan ports as well , it is very easy to convert a router into a wireless access point.
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