How do I boost my wireless to another house?

How do i boost my wireless internet to my grandpa's house next door? His house is 25m away and we live rural so security isn't an issue.
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  1. The 25m is what ? meters or miles ? If it's meters then a regular wireless router will get the signal to the house next door. I have two neighbors one on each side and they are actually both about 75 feet from my house and I can see both of their wireless routers when I turn on my laptop that connects to my wireless router. You could get a wireless range extender and plug it in next door and it would pick up your wireless router and extend it for the house.
  2. Sorry, 25 meters. The house that the router is in has double mud brick walls, great for the climate but horrible for wifi. Is there some way I can run a cable from my router, whack an antenna on the end of it on the outside of the house and avoid trying to punch the signal through the walls? Or am I dreaming?
  3. Yes you can do that.

    This device is on the high side of the price range but I listed it to show you that your not dreaming and you can look around for a less expensive one.
  4. Awesome, thank you! Is that method your recommendation for my situation?
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    Well it is hard to make a specific recomendation without seeing your setup and the item I linked on my post was for you to see a solution was possible. I would not recomend that device because of the bad feedback for such a high priced item. I would like to see much better feedback before I buy something.
    A device like the one linked below would be a better option and while it's out of stock currently at Newegg maybe it can be found on ebay or Amazon.

    This is what I found on ebay.

  6. Mate, thank you very much!
  7. I like these devices. They are not repeaters just simple bridge devices so you would either need to hook the PC directly to the cable or put a wireless router on the far side if you need wireless. You might get by with one only on a single end but one on each end will work for sure.

    The nice thing is these only cost about $60 each.
  8. Hey Bill,
    So if I run a cable from the outside of the house (out of the weather) with this device on the end of it. Do the same from the second house, the office will be connected?
  9. Mostly it is sunlight that will damage ethenet cable but it will still take many years to cause a issue.

    Pretty much it is that simple you put one on each end and they act as a big long ethernet cable. At the distance you are talking they will work really well. Not sure I believe that they can do 100m at 30 kilometers.
  10. Cheers for the help mate.
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