help! crashes, possibly audio, making me desperate

my system has worked perfectly for some months, now it crashes , and I don't have a clue's the whole story, please if you can help I thank you very much,because I don't know who to ask, no good tech shop in town.

I installed a Soundblaster Live! 5.1 in my system and I was playing WarcraftIII when the sound got weird and then units movement became choppy. I thought nothing, but when I played some games online the sound started to disappear, and after a while the pc crashes.

so I uninstalled the Soundblaster and reinstalled the onboard sound, but it keeps happening, for a while the game works, then the sound disappears, the mouse moves as it was laggy (but I never experienced lag and now it always happens and lag wouldn't explain the sound and the crash of course).then it crashes again. a couple of times the screen froze like if the resolution suddenly changed to 640* from 1024*.

when I reboot the modem also appears as not installed, like if the contact was a bit loosy, and if I restart after pushing it back tighter in the socket it appears again as installed. now, this stuff of the modem has happened to me a couple of times, but never with the sound and crashes issues, so I doubt it's that.

at first I thought it was the Soundblaster, but why does I have this problem even after I uninstalled it?
I thought it could be the power supply, because it's only a 250W ,but it worked fine so far, and now I even uninstalled one of my previous 2 harddisks ,the burner and the floppy.

I know however that the powersupplys get old, so maybe the surge of power needed for the Soundblaster might have ruined something in it(even if I put the card after taking out the additional harddisk) and now it can't put enough power and it crashes. but would this explains the sound and lag issues?

to determine if I need a new PWS, would it help if I run some intensive application, like some benchmark as 3DMark2 or something else?

someone said he had a similar problem of game freezing with the Live! and formatted and used another one, but the Live! should be a good card, shouldn't it?

ECS K7S5A Lan Sound integrated
256 MB PC2700
Duron 1200MHz
PixelView GeForce4 Ti 4200 128MB VIVO
Maxtor D740X 40GB 7200rpm
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
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  1. I would start with the P/S the GF4 TI series cards are recommended to be run with a minumum 300W P/S

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
  2. Well as a Creative fan for about 15 years,Ive tried a few of the " Live" series.Had nothing but problems.Same as you have.Im not saying this might be your problem,,But Creative really messed up on this line.Look at it this way,,Why are they so cheap right now,when they were the Flagship a while back?? Im going to buy a "Audigy" card soon.Seems to be better.

    "I hope Creative picked up the peices on this one"
  3. If you want a way to fix it, do what I do.. pull out everything but the bare minimum, leave one stick of ram in, all extra cards out including sound.. see if your game works right, then piece by piece add in until you find which one is causing it.

    If it does it with everything out then its could be your PSU, CPU or motherboard.

    Athlon 1700+, Epox 8RDA (NForce2), Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80GB 8MB cache, 2x256mb Crucial PC2100, Geforce 3, Audigy, Z560s, MX500
  4. I formatted and reinstalled the Soundblaster and all, and Warcraft had the same audio problems, so I formatted all over without installing the Soundblaster. for a couple of games it worked fine and I thought it was over, but then it crashed to the desktop.

    so now I think it could be the PSU, maybe I need a 300 or 350 W

    well, thanks all
  5. after all I don't think it was the PWS, I tried to not use the latest drivers from nVidia , just the old ones, and now it seems to work ...just in case someone reads it for his use ;)
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