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Hello all

I have a dualboot windows 7 home premium with nVidia GTX 460 installed on it. I recently got a SSD drive and this pertains to the problem with that. Everything works fine on the HDD with same graphics card and everything.

Everytime I log on my drivers are not there for the GTX 460-I reload them and then everything is fine-I can extend the desktop to second monitor etc.

I have enable the administrator account also but I still keep having same problems. I changed windows setting to let me select the best drivers for device also but problem persists.

Anyone have any idea ? I had same problem on the HDD but that was a couple of years ago and I dont remember how I solved it. I dont think its hardware related or driver realted(same drivers on HDD work fine). Somehow Windows is not retaining the drivers and everytime I reboot its back to basic. Please help and thanks
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  1. I have tried that too-uninstall gpu drivers. Reload motherboard drivers. Reload GPU. Reboot log on and the drivers are there but windows has defaulted back to 800x600 and all that.

    After I reinstall gpu drivers and "dont" boot I can setup my extended display and continue working until I need to log off and back on.
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