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OK so its all over the web and I haven't found a solution, I spent all night with Microsoft Tech Support only for them to tell me my Windows 8 Pro DVD is bad and that I should return it to the store I purchased it at. I don't believe my disc is bad being that many others are having the same issue. I installed Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, from Window Vista 64 bit, everything looks like its working fine until it reboots. Once rebooted I'm stuck with a black screen with the blue windows logo in the middle. So then I tried booting from the DVD. Once the setup loaded, the setup screens were distorted, nearly impossible to read, and when the pointer moved across the screen it painted a trail of destruction over the setup window. Again, i get nowhere on the install. Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet?
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  1. It might really be bad media. I've had my fair share of them and they will utterly destroy your install attempts.
  2. Well here goes an update. I think its safe to say it has something to do with my machine. Not sure what yet, however when I tried the 32 bit DVD it went without a hitch. Tried the 64 bit again and when the installation does load the screen gets all distorted and it's difficult to read the screen. I did get it through the twisted install but once it reboots it hangs at the black screen with the blue windows logo. So for now I'm running 32 bit. I have plans to build a new PC soon so we shall see what that brings.


    BTW I do have a 64but machine and was upgrading from Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
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