Can I install 2 sound cards?

My Asus P4PE has onboard 5.1 sound. However, it has the standard 3 jacks (line in/out mic). When you select 5.1 sound, it changes these to be front/rear/bass outputs. My ATI video card has a tv tuner on it, which needs to connect to the sound card input, which no longer exists. The sound card also has a SPDIF output. What's my best option to get all of this to work? Can I put another sound card in to connect the tv card to?
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  1. You can disable the onboard sound and use another sound card.
  2. You can run two sound cards if you want to, but many of the new cards are already 5.1 or better, and don't switch the inputs to outputs. The SPDIF out will only help if you have a set of speakers or a stereo with SPDIF ins. In that case, you could use the soundcard on the mobo in a normal line in and use the SPDIF out as your surround out.


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  3. Yes, you can use two soundcards, or disable the onboard sound. Doesn't your video card have an INTERNAL sound output you could connect to your soundcard instead?

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