Missing Menus V3 RAZR on Orange network

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Got a V3 Black on Orange UK network. Seems to have missing menus! Cant
re-map softkeys via the personalise menu.

On mates phone go to Personalise -> Home Screen -> Home Keys -> and then
list of options.

On my phone only gives you option to show or hide icons under the home
keys menu.

Is this a general fault with orange (if so anyone know a safe hack?) or
just with my phone?


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  1. I have the same problem, although my menu under "Home Keys" shows
    Icons: show/hide
    Down: _____________

    I can't change any of the other home keys, and it's kind of irritating. Does anyone know what to do?

    Is this even fixable or will it require a new phone?

    Im not on the same network as you though, no clue if it's dependant on the network or not.
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