Micromax MMX353G Error on Connect

Hello, i have a 3G dongle Micromax MMX353G, which works fine as soon as i am installing on my Laptop. But when i disconnect it and try to connect again then it shows "No Device". I need to re-install it in order to work, this installs drivers too. Then it works fine. Each time i disconnect and remove it from USB port and try to connect it again this issue occurs.. While when i try to do same procedure on other laptop or PC this issue doesnt occur. Previously i was using Huawei Edge Modem, i uninstalled that too before installing this one. Please help me to solve this. It seems those drivers automatically gets deleted. i dont know whats happening
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  1. There is a common feature with Windows that requires you to click the safe to remove usb device on the task bar. It looks like the end of a usb cable with a green check mark beside it. When you click on this icon that is located on the task bar right side you will see a list of usb devices that are connected. The next time you go to disconnect the doingle click on this icon and see if the dongle is listed there , if it is then click on the dongle and you'll get a message saying it's now safe to disconnect.
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