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Hello, I have a modern Huawei HG533 n router with a fibre optic broadband feed. My computer has a Belkin w/less adaptor g rated limited to 54mbps. Download speeds on computer max 6 to 8 mb. Probably need to upgrade adaptor.Is this the probable cause or could there be other issues?
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  1. If you have a wireless N router then you do have access to higher speeds and because the router is backwards compatible is why it will work with a wireless G adapter. By getting a wireless N adapter to match the wireless N router the computer will be able to get the higher transfer speeds.
  2. First thing to try is to do a test sitting next to the router to see what your maximum speed really is. Distance reduces speed no matter what you do. That said if you switch to N you start out with more speed and it will still be more as it is reduced due to distance. Also try using a ethernet cable to test what the maximum capacity of your internet connection is.

    Some key things to remember. First you must run in N only mode disable the compatibility mode. This may not be a option if you have other G adapters. You really need to upgrade all the adapters. Next to get more than about 54m running N you must run WPA2 and AES ...or run no security which is not really a option. Just be sure to buy a adapter that says it can run 300m like your router. This is just a non technical way to generally tell it has the same features as your router like wide channels and 2x2 mimo without reading all the fine print.
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