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I am currently building my first PC primarily for gaming, my problem lies in the fact the my PC will be downstairs in the basement while my router is upstairs and I can't wire a cable all the way and would rather not use WiFi. My ISP is Comcast cable and the cable runs down to the basement, so I'm wondering if there is a way I could hook directly into to it from the basement?

Thanks in advance
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  1. you should be able to connect the Modem/router downstairs.

    if you need to router upstairs, look into MoCA devices. they do ethernet over coax
  2. I've learned that comcast will not allw me to have a second modem without paying for another internet bill. I did discover ethernet over power though which sounds similar to what you have suggested, is one better than the other?
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    MoCA and paying for a second internet connection are two completely different things. With MoCA, you're buying a pair of adapters that allow you to use those same coaxial lines as your local network wiring. IOW, you're able to use your cable TV, cable modem, and network your computer devices using the same coaxial cable, all at the same time. (just an example, not necessarily a recommendation)

    There's also powerline adapters which use your home wiring as your network wiring.

    Both these solutions are geared towards those for whom wireless isn't a viable solution (perhaps the distance is too great).
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