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I recently got a rebadged A05 DVD-R. The drive itself came with a unbranded PRINCO made DVD-R. I also bought a 3-pack of Memorex TAIYO YUDEN made DVD-R. I tried both and the A05 recognized the Memorex easily, while it takes about 1-2 seconds before the Princo made DVD-R. I have had a cd burner and know that sometimes(not always) cheap prices comes with cheap quality. The Memorex DVD-R average out to about $3 a disc and thats kinda expensive for me. I've checked out the prices on pricewatch and the cheapest DVD-R are usually unbranded Princo made ones. I also looked a Ritek brand which are about $1 a disc. I would like to know of anybody has any recommendations for a cheap, quality DVD-R brand. I just want some feedback, because I am using this to archive, not just to burn a cd and chuck it at the end of the week. I bought cdrs that wouldn't read correctly after a year. I don't want that to happen with my dvds. Thanks for reading my post. Please tell me all of the following information if possible:

Your DVD-R burner: Manufacturer
DVD-R media Brand (ie Memorex)
DVD-R media Manufacturer(ie Ritek)
DVD-R media speed(1x, 2x, 4x)
DVD-R media Price
What you use it for?(movie, file backup, ps2 games, etc)
Any compatibility problems
After you burned the DVD-Rs, how long was it stored and if it has any issues with long term storage.
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  1. Hey I just bought a Pioneer DVR-A05 too, I'm going to be using it to back up lots of zip files and stuff like that. I'm going to experiment with backing up some of my DVD movies too (don't ever lend your movies out to friends!). Don't expect too much help from this board, getting help here is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Post a similar question elsewhere, like VCDhelp.com or something. Well talk to ya later, and I will let you know when I get my burner.
  2. I did post it on vcdhelp, i was hoping to get some more feedback here. Do you know of any other sites that have dvd-r media info?
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