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Just got this drive as a replacement for a Sony branded DVD-CD RW drive that failed under warranty and was RMA'd 3 times (twice they said they fixed it and this time its replaced). I can not find drivers anywhere for it and am rather perturbed with ASUS for not having better RAM warranty service.

My ASUS laptop recognizes the drive right off but says it is read only. Obviously since the Sony drive that was original burnt 5 dvd's for win7 backup that was an RW drive...

I have been dealing with ASUS for 3 months on this (almost 4) without progress. Is this another screwup by the ASUS repair facility or is this something that once found driver updates will fix?
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  1. That is a panasonic DVD writer
    so yes it should be good
  2. Turns out that when installed the drivers just simply did not load the first time. Sadly though even though it seems to function (as I burned the first of 5 backup disks with it to check) it still lists as a cd drive in windows 7. Plays and burns dvds thought.

    I am not incredibly happy with ASUS as this was the 3rd time I had to send the sony drive I had back for an RMA repair and then they sent me something I had to dig for information on and run the installation for it 3 times.

    When I finally got through to customer service for support I got someone that knew little more than what he read off the screen and he was not seemingly willing to look for the right screen. So I guess ASUS customer support is as hit and miss as elsewhere but this time I forked over a handful for the option for the extended warranty and everything and I am wishing I had simply gone to fry's and bought a new drive as it would have cost less than the initial postage for the first RMA on the drive. It would have saved me nearly $5000 usd in lost sales, student loans, and 2 points on my GPA for the last term at school as well. Her's a good reason for having a pc built locally or just doing it yourself.
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